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Director:  Brian Desmond Hurst

Writers:  Vaughan Wilkins (novel), Robin Estridge (screenplay)

Other cast members:  Belinda Lee, Keith Michell, Richard O'Sullivan, Martita Hunt

Filmed in late 1957 at Pinewood Studios in London, and on location in Cornwall, DANGEROUS EXILE was released in October 1958

Louis Jourdan plays a member of the French royal family who escaped the Reign of Terror, and is trying to protect the son of the king.

This historical drama, based on the premise that the son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette survived the French Revolution, takes place in Wales, and depicts the efforts to keep the child king alive.

While he has top billing, Louis Jourdan's part is actually peripheral, and even one of his best lines is delivered with his back to the camera.

A man who employs his own son as a look-alike replacement in the dungeon, his character is the uncle of Louis XVII, who's brought the boy to Great Britain in a balloon, after the young king was rescued from prison where he'd been tortured.

The picture surrounds the ordeals, betrayls and day-to-day life of the young boy and the woman who is harboring him.

You can watch the entire film online courtesy of KUCHLENZ, beginning HERE

The Duke brings the young king to Wales in a balloon

He's sacrificed his own son to protect the boy king

The king is saved, but he's lost his son